Personal Loans

Monroe County Bank offers a variety of loans to meet your financial needs. Because we are locally owned and operated, credit decisions are made in the bank, making borrowing easy and convenient.

Agricultural Loan

Designed to meet the financing needs of any size or type of farm. Agricultural loans can have fixed or variable rates with flexible repayment schedules.

Construction Loan

MCB provides short-term, fixed rate loans for when you have the building plans and need us to provide the financial plans.

Consumer Loan

Consumer loans are available to fit your financial needs. Let our lenders arrange manageable terms for education, home remodeling, vehicle purchases, or for whatever need you may have.

Home Equity Loan

Homeowners often find themselves wanting to do special projects around the house or refinance debt using the equity in the home. Our lenders are experienced in designing flexible ways to accomplish your goals.

In-House Mortgage

MCB offers in-house financing for first and second mortgages. Flexibility in structuring your home loan is our specialty and we have different ways to help you meet your needs. Since every phase of this mortgage process is in our bank, we can assist you in a prompt manner. Please call one of our lenders today.

Serviced Mortgage

Various long-term, conventional mortgages are available at MCB through our partnership with other mortgage companies who assist you in financing your home but with the added convenience of local closings. Call any of our lenders for additional information.